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3 stars

General information about Hotel Shterev

Hotel "Shterev" in Sopot is three stars hotel.

Shterev Hotel in the town of Sopot is a three star complex to house a museum and monument of Ivan Vazov. The hotel has double and single rooms and studios with bathtub.

Location of Hotel Shterev


Hotel "Shterev" the town of Sopot is situated in the city center. The complex is in close proximity to cultural monuments in the city, namely: The house-museum and the monument of Ivan Vazov.

Amenities in Hotel Shterev








Restaurants - 1
Bars - 1


The hotel has restaurant with 60 seats.

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Prices for accommodation in Hotel Shterev

To offer accommodation in hotel Hotel Shterev, please use our reservation form or contact our operator by phone +359 2 865 02 57, +359 878 432 423, +359 878 811 636.

Terms of accommodation in Hotel Shterev


Available to guests are: 31 double rooms, 3 single rooms type bedroom and 6 studios with bathtub and mini - bar. Each room has its own bathroom, cable TV, air conditioning and Internet.

Policy of the hotel

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14 h.

Check out before

12 h.

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