Booking Conditions

Hotels Ltd is registered tour operator and travel agency in the Ministry of tourism with license number PKK-01-06060 and has insurance in DM Armeec number 0000061638. Hotels Ltd works with clients across the country. The company has  representative office only in Sofia.

Hotels Ltd ensure that prices are lower than the price of the hotel reception, it is necessary advance payment to the company. Customers use our services once a discount for each additional book whether it be booking a hotel in Bulgaria, excursion, holiday abroad, a plane ticket.

To make a reservation is necessary to complete the reservation form from the  site. The client can connect directly with our consultants in office in Sofia or send a fax. Upon acceptance of your application consultants will contact you to confirm your booking.

For any amount sent by bank transfer receive an invoice and payment in cash in our office and receive a cash bond. After full payment of the full amount the customer receives a voucher, which is accommodated in a hotel.

If the customer chooses to pay the amount of space in the hotel, the price will be the price front, which is higher than stated on the site.

Make a reservation, you acknowledge that you have read and understand all contractual terms (they can read in the "Booking Conditions") and that you agree to be bound by them. This Treaty shall be subject to amendment when necessary.

For booking a hotel in Bulgaria needs to make an inquiry on e-mail, fax or phone. Within 24 hours you will confirm official  your reservation. Once confirmation is necessary to transfer a deposit of 30% of the sum within a month or more before arrival. The entire amount shall be paid not later than ten days  period before accommodation. If the placement is done in less than a month to pay for the entire reservation. After payment you will receive a voucher, by which you check in the selected hotel.

Prices, which operates Hotels Ltd. are lower than the price of the hotel reception or at least the same, it is necessary advance payment to the company. Upon receipt of the voucher, the customer also confirmed receipt of the Contract for organized tourist trip.

When booking a trip or holiday abroad, the confirmation of the offer is made after the deposit at least 50% of package price! With each excursion or reserved, the customer must provide three of Kirilisa and Latin ID, passport number / ID, date of issue. The contract will be sent to the client at the expense of it. All customer data is kept under the Law on Personal Data Protection.

Statement of General Conditions of the "Hotels" Ltd for organized Ltd. travel (TA) and their sale to customers – tourists

RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS OF THE PARTIES, visa services and insurance

  1. Tour Operator (TO) undertakes to prepare, provide and implement the TA. TP.Turists shall pay the additional services, not entering in the value of the routes separately.

  2. It carries on placement in the vehicle under recording. Exceptions are possible for disabled people, pregnant women, regardless of age, health and tourist alike.

  3. It sets prices and all other terms of selling TA and timely measures necessary to notification of their changes. It has the right to change the final price when, after confirmation of booking and change with no less than 3% of components involved in shaping the value of the trip (transportation, hotel, restaurant, currency exchange rates, etc.).

  4. In case of untimely payment, it has the right to amend the terms of the TA to cancel or make a reservation with the consequences. Tourists in the right and obligation to obtain detailed knowledge gave him an insurance policy.

  5. Where the contract is signed by agent, then the information, contacts, and in any problems and / or claims Tourists turn first to him and only failing to solve them to it. All notifications, reports and correspondence between the parties shall be made in the office of TA, where the booking was made, respectively - of those tourist address, phone and e-mail.


  1. In the peak period of the tourist season, it can be done replacing the hotel with one of the same or higher category at the same resort or another, without changing the total cost of the TA.

  2. In the absence of a minimum number of tourists (only if specified in the offer) of tourist offers additional charge for individual travel, shift to another group or route, and within 14 days before the start, once it notifies the user has right to cancel the trip and refund the full amount without penalty due to mutual and / or benefits.


  1. Upon refusal of tourists from TA for reasons not related to the failure of toirist to its obligations, the amount paid shall be refunded in full within three working days, it shall be deducted / can be claimed following penalties as a percentage the value of the trip: 3 months - 0% 30 days prior to departure - 0% 29 to 16 days - 20% from 10 to 10 days - 70% less than 10 days prior to the TP - 100% of the full value of TP;

  2. For reservations made on the package, public holidays, Easter, New Year non-refundable amount paid by the client!

  3. Not paying on time the full value of the selected TA be deemed a waiver of tourists with those provided in this section consequences.

  4. TA is not responsible for the modification of the airport for departure flight time, the replacement of the type, carried by the airline.

  5. If a violation of law in any part of the program, including Bulgaria, the tourist and / or disrespectful attitude towards the social system, customs, traditions, religious beliefs, disregard of the rules for personal safety, the responsibility rests entirely on and on behalf of the person - offender. When similar reasons, the decision of the authorities or officials, the tourist is denied the opportunity to leave or come in part from the program, including Bulgaria, but also the ability to transport or stay in a hotel booked, resulting in TA was made wholly or in part, without the tourists, it is not liable.
    TA is not responsible if the circumstances set out above, an age delay of more than 30 (thirty) minutes of the traveling group, resulting in TA was carried out in whole or in part, without the tourist. It is not responsible for any complications in the conduct of the event (eg unconfirmed reservations for flights and hotels) for change at the request of the original terms of tourist travel (route, duration, times of flights, travel dates, etc. ) in the 30 days before departure. In case of force majeure circumstances which can not be implemented or continued TA, and occurred after a full or partial payment of TA by the tour operators on their counterparts, it is obliged to pay tourist amount equal to the reimbursement of the partner contractor ( tour operator, hotelier, carrier, etc. / in 10 days of receipt in. It is not responsible for the luggage of tourists (disappearance, loss, damage, etc.), nor its content, and does not offset the value of In the presence of international treaties in force in Republic of Bulgaria, the liability is limited to the amount prescribed therein under the provisions of Article 40, paragraph 2 of the PA, but not the value of TA.


  1. In the event of inadequate performance of the reservation established during the journey or stay, the tourist is obliged to immediately notify and familiarize it with the problem. All claims shall be marked at the place where the accident happened as the certified report signed by persons appointed or authorized to certify the relevant facts and circumstances.

  2. Returns the tourist regarding quality and performance provided the TA must be made in writing within 7 days from the date of completion of the TA. It examines claims received within one month.

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