Hotel Next to, near to Ravda
Germana Beach

2 stars

General information about Hotel Germana Beach

Hotel "Germana Beach" was built in 2007, is furnished with brand new furniture and offers incredible views of the Black Sea. Inside the hotel has a restaurant and food shop.

Location of Hotel Germana Beach


Hotel "Germana Beach" is located in the region between Ravda and Nessebar on the beach "Olympian hope" in the Bay of sunken ship AURELIYA. Hotel "Germana Beach" is located 40 meters from the beach where you can enjoy the golden sand, crystalline water and numerous water attraction . Near the hotel there are several Aqua parks, which also offers memorable entertainment.

Amenities in Hotel Germana Beach




food shop and 24 hour security


Restaurants - 1
Bars - 1


The hotel has a restaurant.





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Prices for accommodation in Hotel Germana Beach

To offer accommodation in hotel Hotel Germana Beach, please use our reservation form or contact our operator by phone +359 2 865 02 57, +359 878 432 423, +359 878 811 636.

Terms of accommodation in Hotel Germana Beach


Hotel "Germana Beach" offers bright and spacious rooms and apartments with view of the Black Sea.

Policy of the hotel

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14 h.

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12 h.

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